Courses Offered

Bachelor of ARTS (BA)

First and Second year degree students can opt Kannada and English languages. The candidates who Opt Hindi and Sanskrit language should get the written permission from Office or Principal.

H. P. S   -   History, Political Science, Sociology

H. K. S   -   History,  Kannada, Sociology

E .E. S   -    English, Economics, Sociology
H.E.P   -     History, Economics, Political Science 

Compulsory Subjects from University

Indian Constitution - IC Environmental Studies-EVS

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

First Semester



Principal of Management

Marketing Management

Management Economics

Financial Accounting-I

Computer Fundamental and Technology

Second Semester



Constitution of India

Royalty, Hire Purchase and Other Accounts

Human Resource Management

Law and Practice of Banking

Money and Financial system

Information Technology in Business

Third Semester

Joint Stock Company Accounts
Corporate Law
Retail Management
Visual Basics, and Structured Query Language

Fourth Semester

Banking and Insurance Company Accounts
Auditing and Assurance
Business Mathematics
Management of Services
Internet, Web Designing and E-Commerce

Fifth Semester

Fundamentals of Statistics
Financial Management
Elements of Costing
Insurance and Risk Management
Business Regulatory Framework
Income Tax on Individuals
Logical Reasoning & Professional Skills
1. Security Analysis
2. Tourism Management
3. Karnataka Value Added Tax & CST

Sixth Semester

Statistical Methods
Management Accounting
Methods and Techniques of Costing
Capital Markets and Services
New Venture Creation and Management
Income Tax on HUFs Partnership forms and Companies
Ethics and Personality Development
1. Portfolio Management
2. Hospitality Management
3. Central Excise, Customs & services Tax



Efforts are made to take them beyond conventional boundaries of education & empower them through umpteen modes of conventional & non-conventional tools.


Our education ultimately should help us to change our society, make us civilized persons, assist us to live in harmony in spite of differences and make us more humane.


"Work is Workshipe " and "Yadah Karmasu Kaushalam.